It’s an interactive installation, a visual and tactil poetry about the overvaluation of the image in contemporary society. On the cult of self-image and an imposition of beauty standards. The modern society imposes its standards. Men, children, and especially women have their self-esteem challenged for centuries. Today this imposition has become a massacre. Patterns of unattainable beauty are imposed by the media. The result is psychological disturbances, eating disorders, fear …

The cult of self-image, self-knowledge, self-publicity. To open a computer screen and see patterns. Patterns of apparent happiness, superficial, unattainable. And, what if is there no longer a self-image to worship? Would we be free to feel, smell, touch, see? To live?

A screen rests on a table, reflecting the image in front of it, like a mirror. Dozens of fans are arranged around it. As the visitor gazes, little by little, the fans blow in orchestratedly, one by one, like little voices. The audience feels the wind going from one place to another in a programmed cadence, and sees their own image on the screen being transformed into a dust of tiny grains.

The movements of this dust synchronize with the dance of the winds, and we become dusty, we see ourselves and we feel dissolved until we disappear. The wind ceases. Then there is nothing left. Just us and our empty mirror. Without our own reflection there remains the question: Would we be freer like that?


Exhibitions :: Iran | Brazil | Spain

TADAEX06 - Mohsen Gallery | Tehran | Iran | 2016

Hamid Javani
Press TV, Tehran

The Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition, TADAEX 2016, has opened in the Iranian capital attracting enthusiasts and media personalities from several countries.

As our correspondent Hamid Javani reports, the platform aims to help Iranian digital artists develop and nurture their art.

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O Andar de Baixo | Juiz de Fora | Brasil | 2016

MediaLab Prado | Madrid | Spain | 2016

A mirror rests on a table.

Many fans are arranged around it.

When i sit in front of it, the fans blows.

As I watch my reflection, the wind blows with more and more strength. Little by little, i see myself being turned into dust. While the fans blow, my image dissolves into grains. My dust floating through the air to disappear. The wind ceases.
Now, there, no longer remains anything.

Just me and my empty glass. Am i free?

The project was initially developed at the two weeks International Workshop “Interactivos?16”.

And are exhibited at the collective exhibition of Interactivos? 10th years cellebration, at MediaLab Prado – Madrid / Spain. Untill September 20 / 2016.

Interactivos? is a research and production platform for the creative and educational uses of technology. Its main goal is to expand on the use of electronic and software tools for artists, designers and educators, thus contributing to the development of local communities of cultural producers in this field.

Interactivos? events are a hybrid between a production workshop, a seminar and a showcase. A space for reflection, research, and collaborative work is created, in which proposals selected by an international open call are developed, completed and displayed. The process is open to the public from beginning to end.


Won Jik Yang

Heather Brand


.coding lessons.


.coding ideas.



Main event. Blog page for Interactivos?16: Possible Worlds. Creative and Collaborative Uses of Digital Technologies. Selected projects.



Medialab Prado’s Interactivos?’16 program celebrates a decade of nomadic activities in Madrid. Offering an abundant mix of workshops, seminars, demos and an exhibition, where DIY and open source become art.

This seminar combines talks by guest speakers with presentations of the 8 projects due to be addressed during the collaborative prototype workshop.


Presentation of Rafael Ski, Freeing Images in Dust

Round table about Creative Communities of Hardware and free Software.


With Hans C. Steiner (Pure Data and The Guardian Project), David Cuartielles (Arduino), Chris Sugrue y Marc Dusseiller (Hackteria).


MediaLab Prado Community

This Community is a plaftorm for online collaborative work around projects linked to Medialab-Prado.

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